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PhotoBrowser is a small PHP application for sharing and displaying pictures to your friends on the web with ease.
The images that are displayed in the browser are generated from the originals and adapted to the user requirement in terms of size. The PhotoBrowser application is a very tiny application that is using the GD library for image creation.

I've also created a complete installer, containing a webserver (Apache 2), PHP (5.04) and the latest version of PhotoBrowser, for those who have little knowledge of PHP. The installer contains a wizard for entering the setup details. Download and check it out!



The demo of the application consists of 3 Flash presentations that is aiming to present the application.

  1. My Documents setup (just to show the images in the original format)
  2. Presentation of application 
  3. Sharing of  images to friends


  • On the fly generation of thumbnails and other images. Meaning that images are automatically generated from the original images.
  • Fullscreen image view - will cover the entire screen
  • Slideshow
  • Sharing of image folder/s to your friends
  • Download of original image
  • Zip download of entire folder of original images
  • Zip upload of images. Giving the user the possibility to upload their own images
  • Other fileformat support. Other files (any type) can be shared. E.g. videos, zip-files
  • Cacheing of images
  • Access rights. E.g. right to download original, download zip file, upload zip file, read other files than images
  • Passwordless access control. The URL sent in the email will give the user access to the correct directory

Sharing of images flowchart